Components are the founding elements of our products, and shared among all of them, with unique pages to match the style of the product.
Ad Boxes Built to the Better Ad Standards Ad Show on Scroll Showing under your Content Ads with Timers Showing Full or Modal Boxes Add To Home Invite Visitors to add to Their Homapage Accordions Great for FAQ's and Compacting Content Action Sheets Interact with Users and Show Messages Action Modals Interact with Users and Show Messages Auto Dark Mode Detect and Auto Activate Dark Mode Buttons Designed with for Multiple Purposes Back to Top Badge or Single Button to go Back Up! Charts Powered by charts.js for Power and Features Chips Small Elements to Show Small Information Cookie Box Consent or Show Messages with Cookies Card Captions The Most Advanced and Easy to Use Captions Card Content Multiple Designs for Inserting your Content Gradient Cards Powered by the Beautiful Color pack included Cards Specials Create any Credit or Voucher Card you Wish Columns One? Two? Three? We have them all! Color Packs A beautiful and customizable Color Pallete. Collapse Great for Holding Links and Small Menus Dividers Beautiful Spacing Between your Elements Disqus Comments Embed Disqus Comments Emojis Unicode Emojis are Supported File Upload Upload Images Using Web API's Facebook Comments Embed Facebook Comments Geo Location Get Location Using your Device Graphs Powered by Charts.js for Power and Features Google Fonts Use any Google Font in our Products Header Styles A Variety of Headers Styles Available Footer Menu Styles Three Awesome Styles Available Azures Shapes Three Awesome Shapes Avaialble Inputs From Text to Sliders. We have them all Icons As beautiful as Buttons, but smaller. Icon Font Powered by FontAwesome 5 Images Effects, Borders and Hovers Link List This page is a Link List. There are more Notifications Designed to Feel Like Mobile Notifications OS Detection Detect what device is browsing your page Offline Detection Turn off your internet. You'll see a Warning Quotes Share a great quote. We have the style QR Codes QR Code Generator and Pre-Generator Pagination Move Between Pages with Ease Preloaders Examples of Preloaders for your Pages Pricing Tables You can use them in Carousels/Sliders as well Pricing Packs Subscription Packs or Pricing Boxes Reviews Share the awesome feedback you get Reading Time Showing the progress of each Page Sliders / Carousels Powered by OwlCarousel. Fast, light, flexible. Snacbkars Little notification boxes from the bottom Socials Sharing is caring and gets visitors Social Sharing Sharing is caring and gets visitors Search A fully functional seach system Tabs Compact content with classic and pill tabs Tables Insert all the information you need. Text Resizer Increase or Decrease Text Size Toasts Simple boxes that fly up and fall down Toggles Toggle your content on or off, hidden or shown Tooltips Tiny pieces of information for your items Typography All the typography styles you'll need Working Hours Fully functional Working Hours. Vibrate Effect You Buttons