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What iStock Can Do?

You can do inventory control from a smartphone, anytime, anywhere.


Good Receive Management

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Delivery Order Management

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Stock Transfer Management


Stock Take Management

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Purchase Order Management

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Gap Check Management

Powerful Excel Batch Import Function

A powerful import tool that allow you to import inventory items quickly, supported up to 100K items.

  • Products catalogue
  • Categories catalogue
  • Units catalogue
  • Contacts catalogue
  • Locations/storages catalogue

Do Inventory At Anytime, From Anywhere

Create all stock change orders within few steps.
Just scan the items barcode to add item to order list.
You can key in physical quantity for one scan only.

  • Create Delivery Order
  • Create Stock Take
  • Create Stock Transfer
  • Create Purchase Order and GRN
  • Create GAP Check

Keep Your Inventory On Tracked

All stock in and out are tracked and set in order so you can manage in the easiest way.

  • Manage order records by locations or terminals
  • Check order records by status and date
  • Export orders to common CSV format

Auto-synchronized With Server

Keep your inventory data updated with server by interval sync or manual trigger for sync immediately

  • Sync with server by storages/locations
  • Configurable data pull from server to device
  • Configurable data push from device to server

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